Our Values

GTSC Expected Behaviors and Practices: Values


Integrity x Innovation x Inclusion x Impact = Excellence


Integrity: We are committed to ethical behavior and lead by example in creating an environment of trust and mutual respect, honoring our commitments, and by practicing stewardship for Georgia Tech resources.

1. Accountability for Institute resources
2. Environment of trust and respect
3. L
eading by example

Innovation: We promote innovation by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurialism, seeking out best practices and new methods, and challenging the status quo.

1. Creativity & entrepreneurial spirit
Seeking out leading practices & applying new methods
3. Challenge status quo

Inclusive, Healthy Community: We strive to respect the inclusivity of people with diverse ideas, cultures, perspectives, and experiences. We are committed to supporting professional relationships that facilitate a healthy team environment and promote work life balance.

1. Professional relationships & collaborations
2. Diversity
Healthy team environment, work/life balance

Impact: We have impact on the Georgia Tech community by empowering our clients to initiate and lead improvement efforts, supporting these efforts during transformation, developing sustainable solutions, and mutually assessing our role in achieving outcomes.

1. Empower and support
3. Assess

Excellence: We pursue excellence within the campus community by demonstrating passion and agility, being proactive and forward thinking, and informed data-driven decision-making.

1. Agility, passion
2. Forward thinking and proactive
Quality, data-driven decision making