Descriptions of each our distinct service areas are provided here.  Click on the Learn More icon for more information about a particular service and the ways in which it can be related and joined with other GTSC services for an improvement project.  

Organizational Review, Assessment, and Discovery

We collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and share relevant information to enhance organizational success through the development of insight and intelligence about the organization.  This service is usually a foundational step in providing our other services but can also stand alone.  

Strategy Development and Implementation

We collaborate with campus leaders to develop strategic and operational plans that include clearly defined goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, success metrics, timelines, and owners for each major effort.   This charts a course of action, with specific achievable results that enable units to align themselves with Georgia Tech's strategic goals.  

Portfolio Management

We identify, prioritize, authorize, and monitor collections of projects in support of Georgia Tech’s strategic goals. We also advise campus units interested in utilizing portfolio management techniques in order to better structure, manage, and report on their project portfolios.  

Project Management

We assist in leading projects and building the capability of teams and units across Georgia Tech to effectively perform solid project management practices. This enables projects to be well defined and managed within expected timeframes and resource requirements.  

Change Readiness and Innovation Adoption

We partner with campus leaders to develop strategies to prepare for, lead and manage change, focusing on what people need to effectively transition to new ways of working.  

Organizational Design and Development

We support Georgia Tech leaders in aligning their organizations to be more efficient and effective.  We also help them prepare their people to perform effectively within the aligned structure.  

Process Optimization

We facilitate collaboration to develop and implement improvements that streamline processes resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness.  

Organizational Culture

We define culture as the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs of organization's members and their behaviors. In order to continue to enhance the culture of Georgia Tech's most valuable resource (people), GTSC leverages assessment and advisement, team development and community engagement to help in this mission.