Organizational Design and Development List Related Service



Organizational Design and Development services provide the most value when supported by these other services.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation The resource and structure alignments should support the mission and vision outlined in the unit’s strategic plan. Strategy Development services are key to the structure alignment so that the unit will be able to fulfill the mission.
  • Process Optimization – Often resource and structure alignments present opportunities to improve business processes (and structure alignment can in turn enable more efficient processes).  These two service areas often work in tandem. Process Optimization alters the way work is done in support of the resource and structure alignment.
  • Change Management For resource or structure alignments to achieve the anticipated benefits, it will be important to engage leaders in facilitating the transition to the realigned structure for their staff (resources). Change Management services can assist in identifying transition strategies that will reward positive behaviors in support of the realigned structure.
  • Project Management  – Organizational structure changes require focus, discipline and rigor. The Project Management service will be key in identifying the right tasks and actions are included in the plan and are tracked and managed to completion.