Process Optimization List of Related Services



Process Optimization services provide the most value when supported by these other services.
  • Change Management – Process Improvements often require a change in how business is conducted. The Change Management service can assist in managing the transition to new structures and processes that support a new way of working.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation – If the ramifications of the process improvement are not adequately taken under consideration, there may be a risk of not achieving the unit strategy. The Strategy Development and Implementation service is an essential element in enabling the unit to continue to achieve the strategy.
  • Project Management – Process Improvements will require that certain actions or tasks be executed in the right order so that the improvement occurs. The Project Management service is a critical step in managing the process owners, timelines and resource requirements in the project plan.
  • Organizational Design and Development – When a business process is improved, it may have ramifications for the resources previously involved in the current process. A resource and structure alignment often precipitates the need for the process improvement and should be adequately understood.
  • Organizational Review –The Organizational Review service can support business process improvements by providing essential information about the possible options and the realities of the current state.