Change Readiness and Innovation Adoption List of Related Services



The Change Readiness and Innovation Adoption services work well when integrated with these other GTSC services:
  • Project Management – The success of any change journey requires proper action planning, task and resource management, and targeted timelines. Project Management is key to implementing any change.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation – Oftentimes, managing change requires a clear understanding of the strategic direction of the organization. Strategic Development and Implementation can be an essential support to successful adoption of a change.
  • Process Optimization – When business processes are optimized, changes to work flow may occur. These changes may alter the way work is performed. Process Optimization can assist in establishing the right workflow.
  • Organizational Design and Development – Often a change may impact organizational structures and resources. Organizational Design and Development is useful in understanding the rationale behind the structure alignment so that this can be appropriately communicated to those impacted.
  • Organizational Review – An initial review of the organization is a foundation for launching a change effort.  Assessing stakeholders, impacts, risks, and readiness will increase likelihood of a successful change effort.