Strategy Development and Implementation

Strategy Matters - Creating Actionable Plans to Achieve and Sustain Success

Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting (GTSC) collaborates with campus leaders to develop strategic and operational plans that include clearly defined goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, success metrics, timelines, and owners for each major effort.  Creating this roadmap clarifies the organizational direction and focus by charting a course of action, with specific achievable results that enable units to align themselves with Georgia Tech's strategic goals.  GTSC works closely with campus leadership to envision a desired future that aligns with and facilitates the achievement of the Georgia Tech Strategic Plan.

The Institute’s goals and objectives provide the overall framework to guide efforts. The key to effective Strategic Planning is to translate this vision into broadly defined goals and a sequence of steps to achieve them.

For more information on Strategic Development services, contact Michelle Powell (, Andrew Billing (, or Sonia Alvarez-Robinson (,