Strategic Organizational Alignment

Structuring Resources to Maximize Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Organizational design and development is the process of organizing people within a structure that will support the mission, goals and activities of an organization in order to operate more efficiently and effectively.  More than just moving boxes on an organizational chart, the objective of the Organizational Design and Development service is to advise Georgia Tech units on the options for efficiently and effectively aligning organizational resources in the direction of the organization’s goals, and prepare the organization’s people to perform effectively within the new structure.

GTSC uses qualitative and quantitative data gathered from the Organizational Review, leading/best practices, and benchmarking to assess the organization’s current reality, and determine how well people, processes and technology support the organization’s mission, goals, and day-to-day activities. Working collaboratively with the organizational unit and the Office of Human Resources, GTSC uses assessment data to develop recommendations for realigning resources, organizational design options, and action plans for implementing solutions.

Once action plans are finalized, GTSC will support the organization through implementation with leader and team development services to prepare people for working more efficiently and effectively.


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