Organizational Review List Related Services



Organizational Review services can either stand alone or be performed as an important foundation for other GTSC services:
  • Change Management – An organizational review as part of managing change helps to define key stakeholders and how changes will impact them.  The review process also provides important insights for managing the change by understanding the risks and the organization’s readiness to achieve and sustain change over time.
  • Process Optimization An essential input to designing improved processes, the organizational review helps to understand the strengths and opportunities for improvement within the current processes and practices,
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Gathering and analyzing relevant information about the market, environment, and the organization are foundational for establishing a well-advised strategy.  The organizational review leading to a strategic plan will inform leaders about where to invest organizational resources and how to mobilize plans to achieve results. 
  • Project Management – Planning for and launching projects requires due diligence.  Organizational review for the purposes of managing projects may include performing a business case analysis, identifying stakeholders, resources, and other factors relevant to success of the project.   
  • Organizational Design and Development    Any change to an organizational design will require the foundation of understanding a number of key factors.  The goals, priorities, policies, and performance variables are some elements of intelligence that must be understood prior to aligning the organizational structure.  Implementing a new or refined structure also requires analysis to understand group dynamics, interactions, hand offs and interfaces.