Organizational Readiness and Change Management

Enabling people to successfully transition to new ways of working

Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting (GTSC) partners with campus leaders to develop strategies for leading and managing change, focusing on what people need to effectively transition to new ways of working. GTSC’s change readiness and innovation adoption methodology leverages research-based best practices to effectively manage change and enhance project results by focusing on the elements needed for a project’s success:

  • Vision and Leader Alignment
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
  • Organizational and Cultural Alignment
  • Learning and Development
  • Sustainability (making change “stick”).

Effectively managing the people side of a change can positively impact productivity, morale, support or participation from key stakeholders, and retention of valued employees. We use a phased approach to systematically prepare for, manage, and reinforce change. 

Through continuous engagement of sponsors, change agents, and impacted stakeholders, teams will be better equipped to design effective solutions, prepare and disseminate information, and manage risk. The ultimate goal is to achieve the intended outcomes and a sustainable shift in mindset and behaviors.

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