Project and Portfolio Management List Related Services



Project and Portfolio Management services work well when used to support and enhance these other services:
  • Organizational Design and Development  – A project objective may involve structure realignment in an organization.  Organizational Design and Development is useful in understanding how the structure or resource alignment may impact resource availability in the project plan.
  • Change Management To achieve successful project outcomes, stakeholders will need to be engaged and leaders will need to be involved in facilitating the transition. Change Management service will assist with development of a plan to reinforce and reward positive changes to achieve sustainable improvement.
  • Process Optimization  When the project objective involves a process improvement, using the processes, tools, and discipline of project management is key to gaining efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Project planning should consider the strategic direction of the unit in terms of mission, vision and objectives. The Strategy Development and Implementation service can provide clarity and focus as strategy is implemented.
  • Organizational Review – Project Management requires committed resources to execute the project tasks. The Organizational Review service can support the project management process by identifying the right resources for the right roles on the project.